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If you are an avid reader of the legendary Maximum Rock’n’Roll magazine or follow left-field underground music, chances are that you have heard of them already - a reputation for confrontational live shows that see the audience getting covered in trash and confronted with convulsive stage antics (and occasionally a gimp slave with a toilet brush in his mouth) is backed up by music as rabid, energetic and demented as it can get.

A real standout in a time oversaturated with what is called „extreme music“, Cuntroaches are living up to the term by spewing out tracks that are simply unparalleled by any current band in their intensity and viciousness. 

At times reminiscent of the metal depravities of BLASPHEMY, NUCLEAR DEATH or ARCHGOAT and vanguards of sonic warfare such as SWANS and HARRY PUSSY but at no point indulging in any worship, the six tracks on this EP are a welcome reminder of the  musical urgency of which Berlin was once home to. 

In collaboration with INSTRUMENTS OF DISCIPLINE this release will be available on July 20th, 2018.