Teratology Sound & Vision was founded in 2015 as a mailorder out of the motivation to combine music, zines and miscellaneous titles from various backgrounds.

Being rooted in the broad world of rock and roll to us means a constant striving for something new, inspiring, dangerous, daring - which in turn means a respectful interaction with tradition, combined with the constant urge to destroy it. 

Our venture as an independent label is a direct reaction to that. 

See a list of releases below. 

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TSV001 SLUTET - Slutet (Cassette, limited to 33 copies)

TSV002 MAGGOT HEART - City Girls (12" Vinyl, 45RPM, first press 300 copies, second press 200 copies, third press 500 copies)

TSV003/IOD31 CUNTROACHES - EP (7" Vinyl, 45 RPM 500 copies) 

TSV004 MAGGOT HEART - Dusk to Dusk (12" Vinyl, 33RPM, 1000 copies)